The PolyDock features a herringbone pattern and not only looks premium, but feels premium. It offers great stability that you will fel throughout the entire dock system.

It is easy to own - it provides you with minimum maintenance so you'll never need to paint, stain, or replace warped dock boards again.

*Available in tan and gray. Several different configurations to fit your needs.
Hewitt Custom Floating Dock
Custom dock sections are engineered to provide comparable strength to the standard model and offer the same long-term durability and corrosion resistance. The frames are braced with heavy-duty structural aluminum or galvanized steel.

*Available in Aluminum, ThruFlow, Cedar, and Skidguard decking options.
Hewitt Truss Floating Dock
Ideally suited for complex layouts, as well as deep-bottom lakes, reservoirs, and rivers. Floats automatically adjust to high and low water conditions, so you'll never be left high and dry or find your dock submerged.

Engineered and constructed to provide performance and durability.

*Available in Aluminum, ThruFlow, Cedar, and Skidguard decking options.
- 12" Bar Joist Truss Frame
- 16 Steel Roof Panel Colors
-Versatile Slip Sizes
- Multiple Roof Options
- Available Accessories
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